Thermobexta’s Cashew Coconut Milk

Featured imageA couple of years ago, I decided I wanted to switch from cows milk to a non-animal derived alternative. After much experimenting with various types of nuts and different ratios of nuts to water, I came to a ratio that is perfect for my family (see note under recipe).  Recently, I tried this ratio with cashews and was super impressed. I had actually made cashew milk many times before, making only enough to use in whatever it was I was creating – usually smoothies, but sometimes custard or bechamel sauce. On this occasion, I added it to my coffee and totally loved it! Soon after, I realised the addition of coconut to cashew milk was even better for adding to warm drinks as it prevents it from splitting, so I have been varying the amounts of each trying to get the perfect mix. Today, I found it!

80g raw cashews
60g coconut flakes – replace with 60g more cashews if preferred
1.3L water + more for soaking

1. Place cashews and coconut (if using) in a bowl and cover generously with water. Leave to soak for 2-3 hours, then drain and rinse (this step is optional, I skip it if I am rushed).

2. Place nuts, coconut and 1.3L water in mixer bowl. Blend for 2 minutes/speed 9/MC on.

3. Line a large bowl with a nut milk bag. Transfer the contents of mixer bowl into the bag and squeeze to remove as much liquid as possible, being sure to catch it in the bowl.

4. Store milk in a glass bottle or jar in the fridge for 4-5 days.

– Some people like to add sweetness or different flavours to nut milks. Some suggestions are: a couple of medjool dates, half a vanilla bean or a spoonful of vanilla powder or cinnamon, a splash of honey or maple syrup.
– 140g nuts + 1.2-1.3L is the perfect ratio to use when making any type of nut milk, so experiment by replacing the cashews and coconut with almonds, brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts or straight cashews or coconut.
– After trying a few brands of nut milk bags, I discovered the best there is – Living Synergy. A little more expensive than some but overall much better value. You can find them at health food stores or online.
– Keep the pulp produced to use in cooking – my Nut Milk Pulp Banana Bread is delish!


49 thoughts on “Thermobexta’s Cashew Coconut Milk

  1. I found Bec’s recipe for cashew coconut milk just as I had started looking for a dairy free milk for cappuccinos. It has been the best-tasting so far and very easy to make. I make half a batch every few days as it’s just for me.


  2. I’ve never made any kind of milk before and was a bit nervous. Couldn’t believe how easy your instructions were to follow and how great the result was! Even took some in a container to a local cafe so they could use it to make my flat white….it was excellent! Thanks Bec xx


  3. I love the ratio of the cashews to water! Not too thick or thin…perfect.
    I tried with the coconut but prefer it plain, or even better, non-whole 30 and add on date to sweeten.


  4. Great recipe 🙂 made it as my first nut milk, and I actually prefer it to normal milk in my smoothies/protein shakes, so much lighter but still creamy.
    I’m going to be trying an experiment with the pulp left over, involves freezing and trying to turn it into a frozen treat.. Will let you know.


      1. So I blitzed the frozen pulp and some frozen avocado and some raw cacao powder, then added some cashew milk, and blitzed again, reminiscent of quirky jo’s chocolate avocado desert, but a bit lumpy. But not bad. Have re-frozen and will blitz again later. Kinda needs the sweetener but trying to avoid :p

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  5. I love this milk so much. Finally, a non-dairy milk for my coffee. I honestly prefer it to both milk and cream. With or without coconut. I look forward to breakfast more since finding this recipe. It makes the most delicious porridge. (I add a date to sweeten). Thank you!


  6. Never thought I could give up my coffee with cows milk first thing in the morning but unlike a lot of the store bought and home-made almond milks I have tried his milk still gives your coffee that creamy feel cows milk does.


  7. I tried this in looking for an alternative to dairy milk in my coffee, having tried a few different homemade nut milks before. This one is my favourite and my go-to. It is also amazing in smoothies 🙂


  8. I made this milk on Monday and was only able to try it this morning given I was on a 5:2 fast yesterday. It was so yummy in my skinnymixers coconut chia pudding (I used 160gm coconut cream the rest was this milk to make up 400gm). Can’t wait to try it in my coffee! Thanks again Bec.


  9. This sounds great and I will be giving it a go but can anyone tell me how well it froths? Was thinking of using in a Chai Latte instead of soy. Thanks 🙂


  10. Do you need to soak the cashews and coconut? I’m trying this recipe for the first time. I’ve already got them soaking but wondering if it needs to be the full 2 hours or would it matter if you did it overnight? Praying my dairy free 4 year old likes this. Sounds promising, at least it will be good for my coffee 🙂


  11. OMG YUM! first time I have made this and had a cuppa coffee with the left over that didn’t fit in my ltr container for the fridge. I LOVE IT thanks bec and i’ll be sure to use the pulp in your banana cake recipe. SO easy, thank you


  12. I love love love this milk and this is now what I use to make my cappuccino/latte every morning instead of soy and almond. Love looking at it all white and milky in my old school milk bottles too – a novelty for someone who’s never been able to have dairy! Even my dairy-loving sister and my farm-girl friend likes it! As in, “oh, if you’re using that cashew coconut milk, then I’ll have a coffee…” lol. Glad you said you sometimes forget to soak the cashews Bec coz that’s me too! Now for more ways to use the pulp…

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  13. I’m in love with the taste of this milk, and it’s SO EASY to make!

    I didn’t have a nut milk bag so I just squeezed it through some clean muslin.

    As someone who is vegan, but not a fan of nut milks at all, I was skeptical. I only made it because I haven’t yet liked, let alone loved, a recipe that Bec has created. This is the first nut milk I like! It’s so creamy as sweet and thick! The whole 1.6 litres may be in danger of me drinking it up all in one go!


  14. It’s our favourite milk now before we were only having coconut milk. This is the best nut milk tasty and creamy so far I’ve had with my hot chocolate, porridge and smoothies. Can’t wait to make your banana cake. Thanks


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