Thermobexta’s Steamed Egg Pots

Steamed egg potsThis is a simple and delicious breakfast that you can customise for each member of your family, I make it often.

You will need ramekins that will fit securely into the steaming attachment, allowing the lid to go on. Before you start, place the ramekins into steaming attachment to make sure you know how many will fit in at once.

Following is the ingredients you will need for each egg pot, multiply it depending on how many you are making.

butter or extra virgin olive oil, for greasing
1 heaped Tbsp slice of fresh tomato, or a dollop of home made tomato sauce
4-5 baby spinach leaves
1 egg
1-2 tsp sun-dried tomatoes
A sprinkle of cheese
A couple of chunks of avocado
Sliced spring onion

1. Lightly grease ramekins and place ingredients into them in the order they are listed. You can leave out ingredients or add extra things, depending on your families tastes. Carefully place the ramekins into steaming attachment.

2. Place 600g water in mixer bowl. Set steaming attachment in place on top of bowl. Cook for 15 minutes/steaming temperature/speed 4. Check after this time and cook for 2-3 more minutes if the eggs aren’t cooked to you’re liking.

3. Serve on toast, or eat straight from the pots.


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