Thermobexta’s Best Ever Spelt Bread – wholemeal and white versions

Best ever spelt breadI love the bread making process. I love trying different mixes of ingredients and have done an awful lot of experimenting with it over the past few years. Bread was one of the first things I stopped buying back when I decided our diet needed cleaning up. After making an awful loaf of bread, I decided we would just go without. But as time went on, my partner brought home a loaf or two of store bought bread and I decided I needed to work out how to make a good loaf. After I mastered wheat bread, I started playing with spelt flour and after a few loaves, I came up with this recipe. It is very good and has been very popular on the recipe community, where I originally posted it. Check out the notes underneath the recipe for the changes you need to make in order to make a white loaf – both versions are light and fluffy. The wholemeal loaf is a mix of wholemeal and white flour, as using all wholemeal flour results in a very heavy loaf.

2 tbs chia seeds
400g lukewarm water
2 tsp dried yeast
150g wholemeal spelt flour
400g unbleached white spelt flour
2 tsp salt
2 tsp natural bread improver*
1 tsp raw honey
20g extra virgin olive oil
50g linseeds

1. Firstly, combine chia and 120g of the water in a glass and set aside. It should sit for a little bit, to form a gel before adding to the other ingredients. By the time you get the rest of your ingredients out and ready, then get to the step in the recipe when it is added, it is about right.

2. Into mixer bowl, place remaining 280g water, yeast, wholemeal and white flours, salt, bread improver, honey, oil, linseeds and chia gel. KNEAD/4 minutes/MC on. The dough may be quite sticky.  If it is, don’t add more flour.  Sticky dough = fluffy bread.

3. Remove dough to either a silicon bread mat or a large oiled bowl. Either wrap in the mat or cover the bowl with glad wrap and leave in a warm place to double in size.

4. Oil your hands then knock all air out of the dough. Transfer to a bread tin, spray the top with water using a spray bottle (this will give a crunchy crust) and if you would like seeds on top, sprinkle them on now. Cover the top of your bread tin and leave to double in size again.

5. When dough has doubled in size, your bread is ready to cook. Spray the surface with water again then place the bread tin into the oven (do not preheat oven when making bread). Turn oven on to 200°. Cook for 30 minutes from the time you close the oven door.

6. When cooked, turn bread out onto a cooling rack straight away, this will prevent the crust from going soggy.

– If you would prefer to make your loaf white, replace wholemeal and white flour above with 590g unbleached white flour. You’ll notice that this is not a direct swap (weight) and that is because wholemeal flours absorb more water than white flours do.
– Bread improver is something I avoided for a long time in bread making, as the brands I saw at the supermarkets contained ingredients I didn’t want to use for my family. Then, I discovered that you can get natural bread improvers. I have been using them ever since, as they make a big difference to the finished product.  The brands I use are Simply No Knead, Demeter Farm Mills and All About Bread.


28 thoughts on “Thermobexta’s Best Ever Spelt Bread – wholemeal and white versions

  1. I have tried quite a few of TM bread recipes and I do get the best results from your recipes. However I am always unsure whether to use 450g, 680g sandwich or 900g tin. Do you have a formula based on how much flour is in each recipe?


    1. You are correct, the amount of flour in a recipe determines what size tin it goes into. My recipes are designed to be made in a 900g tin. They are for 550-600g flour. I do also have a 680g tin, but I only ever use this for smaller gluten free loaves. I am unsure of the amount of flour suited to 450/680g tins.

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      1. I halved your easy wholemeal linseed recipe yesterday and used 450g tin. I baked once 2nd proof was level with top of tin but it did not rise further during cooking so I thought maybe was not enough mixture for tin size.


  2. Hi Bec,
    Thanks for this easy and amazing bread recipe that my husband, 2yo & 5yo enjoyed! It worked out perfectly and made a great morning tea treat with some homemade strawberry chia jam! This will be our go to bread recipe!


  3. Hi Bec, I just made my first attempt at this amazing looking bread! Smells great, but I’m resisting the urge to cut it whilst warm. How do you store your bread once cooled? Many Thanks


  4. ThIs really does live up to its claim of Best Ever. It really does make a terrific bread and is my go-to recipe for Spelt bread. I just cut it up in slices and freeze so it’s ready when I need it. Thanks Bec.


  5. Hiya! I made this bread minus the flaxseed and I put ACV instead of bread improver. Is very yum! I love it because it is a little dence. Great for toast on day 3 too, thanks Bec! You are the Bread Master!!!


  6. Amazing. After a thermie for years I have never made a successful loaf of everyday bread. This is fantastic. My young son has gobbled down four slices after turning his nose up at every other loaf I have made. Very happy.


  7. Made this for the first time today – first time ever not using a bread machine and I am so impressed with how light and fluffy this turned out. It is the best ever bread recipe.


  8. If only I’d taken a picture of today’s baking effort. 2 loaves of this bread and then 16 rolls. That’s my bread for this week all done and dusted. Thanks heaps for the great recipe.

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  9. Hi, I’ve used flaxseed (golden) instead of linseed. just wondered if there was a particular reason to only use linseed or if flaxseed is ok? also, does it need to be ground or whole? thank you!


  10. Love your Spelt Bread recipes they are amazing! I am so happy to have finally found an easy to make Spelt Bread recipe that produces a lovely fluffy bread.
    I have added them to my recipe collection, and will be using this one for our dinner tonight (cob loaf)


  11. This is the first loaf of bread I have ever made and it turned out better than perfect- very happy with the results. I made the white version- fresh out of the oven with butter and golden syrup! Yummo!

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  12. Hi. Just found you and am keen to give this a go. I have only made one loaf of spelt bread as per the recipe given with the sour dough starter from a friend. Was heavy enough to be a boat Anchor! So my thoughts are I use my sour dough starter in place of your yeast.?
    I am interested to know why you add the soaked chia seeds. What job does it do?
    I can not take wheat or rye and my naturopath thinks spelt sour dough bread could be tolerated as I really do not like the texture of the gf breads that use rice flour.
    Very nervous as I have no idea what I am doing 😂 😂.


    1. Sour dough bread is certainly denser. If you’re nervous, maybe make it as per the recipe first time round, as this definitely gives excellent results 😊 Then next time experiment with your sourdough starter if you want to. Good luck, I hope the spelt turns out to be a viable option for your body.


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