Thermobexta’s Strawberry Sauce

Fruity Spelt PancakesThis is a really good way to preserve strawberries when they are in season, for use all year round.  Use the sauce on pancakes, porridge, yogurt, custard, ice cream, or whatever your heart desires!

1kg strawberries, hulled
250g rapadura sugar

1. Place ingredients in mixer bowl. Cook for 20 minutes/100/speed 3/MC on.

2. Blitz for 1 minute/speed 9/MC on.

3. Pour the hot sauce into hot, sterilised jars and seal immediately. To maximise storage time, ensure a secure seal by water bathing jars after filling. Store in a cool, dark place, then in the fridge after opening.

This goes perfectly with my Banana Pancakes!


6 thoughts on “Thermobexta’s Strawberry Sauce

  1. Pardon my ignorance, I have never done any preserving before but what does water bathing jars after finishing mean? what’s the process please?


    1. When the jars are filled and still hot, place them in a pot of water (completely covered by the water). Bring to the boil and boil for 20 mins. There is heaps of into on this on Google and even YouTube vids 🙂

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