Thermobexta’s Smilo

SmiloThis is my simple dairy free, grain free, additive free chocolate drink powder. Great for warm or cold drinks!

100g raw cacao powder (or cocoa powder) (1 cup)
230g coconut sugar (or rapadura) (1.5 cups)
2 tsp vanilla powder, or 1 vanilla bean, quartered

1. Place all ingredients in mixer bowl. Process for 1 minute/speed 7/MC on.

2. Store in an airtight glass jar or container.

Stir 1-2 tsp (according to your taste) into a glass of warm or cold milk. It will dissolve in warm milk, but if adding to cold milk it won’t really dissolve, unless you blitz it together in your TMX – I don’t bother doing this as my kids like eating it off the top then drinking the milk.



33 thoughts on “Thermobexta’s Smilo

  1. This is our go to hot chocolate mix now. It’s delicious! I couldn’t find vanilla powder, so I dried out a vanilla bean and used that. Perfecto. Kids love it too 😊


  2. Showed my 10 year old the milo tin ingredient list then showed her your recipe… taste got a big thumbs up…. I’ve now spotted her reading labels and asking if there is a healthier, wholefoods way to make things! Success!


  3. Have made multiple batches of this! The kids have this as a “coffee” with Dad in warm or cold milk. Hubby actually saw me making it the other day in thermie and didnt realise that i had been making it – he just thought id been buying a healthier milo replacement haha Also good to pop a spoon full into a banana smoothie 🙂


  4. Thanks Bec! Replacing Milo was this week’s goal, I tried out Smilo on my son the last 2 days, once as hot choc and once in his “Up & go”-style smoothie and he loved both, then I told him it wasn’t milo! He said Smilo is better! Thank you

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  5. Mr 7yo LOVED Smilo so much that he gave it two thumbs up with upstretched arms. Mr 9yo thought it was good. They will enjoy it, I’m sure. They have only had the original a handful of times from cricket, as I’ve never bought it. Your recipe will allow me to never, ever buy the original in my life xx

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  6. can you possibly let us know what weights we need of cacao powder and coconut sugar? Buying ingredients online and not sure of cup quantities. thankyou!


    1. I keep thinking I must weigh out the ingredients next time I make a batch! Will make sure I do 🙂 It won’t be for a while, though. In the meantime, Pinterest has some great charts, I’m sure there will be one for cup weights of different ingredients.


  7. I made this today. Was worried my kids wouldn’t drink it. They LOVED it and asked for MORE. We have had it hot and cold…divine! Thanks for a quick delicious recipe. 🙂


  8. I usually use cocoa, coconut cream, hot water and some honey to make Choc milk or hot chocolate. I have cacao in my pantry that hasn’t been used much at all, and have been drinking Ozechoc this past month or so as hubby came home with it, so I’ve used it. I kept the jar so I could make Smilo in it, and now wish I’d not written the recipe and instructions on the jar as noone else would notice it’s not Ozechoc otherwise. Fabulous and simple recipe! Very yummy taste!


  9. I just made this after finding the milo tin empty and wanting to give the kids a healthier alternative! Testing on myself as chief tester is at school. Yum. Had to make some vanilla powder first too.


  10. I just can’t get warm today and I was driving along thinking oh how nice a Milo would be but I don’t buy that any more then my lightbulb moment came “SMILO”. All I can say is “wow”! It hits the spot perfectly and so much better as I know exactly what is in it. Thank you!


  11. I love this recipe!! My kids love it hot or cold. I’ve just made it for family members as an Xmas present. I will never buy commercial drinking chocolate again!


  12. We only have vanilla essence at home at the moment so I have been making ‘elixir of smilo’ using a tbs of vanilla essence in lieu of the vanilla powder. The first time we made it I used ingredients I had available (generic brand cocoa powder and sugar… backed off the amount to 1 cup)… i called it ”essence of $Milo’… cooked it by melting sugar into a cup of water for a few minutes at 100c then adding cocoa/cocao letting it reduce for a few minutes. Turning off heat adding a tbs vanilla essence and musing for 5 seconds then pour into a jar and refrigerate… the Cheapie version was a hit last fortnight it’s been loved by all I made both tonight and plan to change them up and get more feedback. Love even if it takes a while on the Cheapie… I still know everything that goes into it and unlike Milo it’s complete gluten and dairy free. Ps I liked it with my df milk as I was ‘cleaning out the Joel’s tonight.


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