Thermobexta’s Raw Chocolate Slice

Raw Choc SliceI first posted this recipe onto the Thermomix Recipe Community quite some time ago and thought it was high time I shared it here on my blog.  I hadn’t made it in a while so I made it today to gift to my best friend for her birthday.  I will be making it again in two weeks when I have finished this round of Whole30 as well, I’d forgotten how good it was til I smelt the chocolatey goodness coming together!  The base is chewy and the top, chocolate!  It’s very rich, so cut into small pieces 🙂

260g medjool dates, seeds removed (pitted weight)
140g raw almonds
40g cacao beans or nibs
40g coconut oil
60g cacao powder
70g raw honey
1/2 tsp vanilla powder or 1 tsp vanilla extract
100g coconut oil

1. Place dates, almonds, cacao beans and 40g coconut oil in mixer bowl. Process for 1 minute/speed 8/MC on.

2. Transfer mixture into a silicon slice form, or lined slice tin (leave some overhang to lift the slice out with when ready). Refrigerate while you make the topping.

3. Into clean, dry mixer bowl, place cacao powder, honey, vanilla and 100g coconut oil. Process for 10 seconds/speed 5/MC on. Scrape down sides of bowl. Repeat twice.

4. Pour mixture onto the base layer of your slice, ensuring it is evenly covered. Refrigerate for 15 minutes then remove from the fridge and use a sharp knife to score lines in the surface of the chocolate where you plan to cut it when it has set.

5. Refrigerate until completely set, then cut into pieces and enjoy!


14 thoughts on “Thermobexta’s Raw Chocolate Slice

  1. Another Winner!!! Made this today and can’t believe how simple,yummy and healthy it is ( well healthy in terms of lac of sugar and good fats!)
    I substituted 80 grams of the medjool dates for dried dates as didn’t have enough and it was still lovely and moist.l Looking forward to making this many more times..
    Thanks Bec 🙂

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  2. We really enjoyed this easy slice. Didn’t have cocoa beans or nibs so just subbed cacao powder. Made enough to fit a square cake tin but not enough to fit in my slice tin. I found that it was easy to place the mix between 2 sheets of baking paper and press down with a flat object (chopping board) as the mixture was quite sticky before it set. Will make regularly 🙂


  3. So simple to make! I made exactly per recipe, using nibs etc. and set into my smaller-than-standard slice pan.
    I wasn’t 100% happy with the texture of the almonds when I “sampled” the mix straight from the thermomix, but after I practiced some patience and allowed the fully constructed slice to set, the texture was fabulous 🙂
    Very, very happy with this. Not sure if it is safe to make again 😉 as it *cough* “disappeared” rather quickly 😉


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