Thermobexta’s Pumpkin and Quinoa Soup

Pumpkin and Quinoa SoupI’ve never been a fan of puree-style soups, I like to have something to chew or it just doesn’t feel like a proper meal. So traditional pumpkin soups have never appealed to me. This one came about a few years ago, when I had an excess of pumpkins and decided I’d better create a soup that appealed to my family and I. After all, what better way is there to use a decent amount of pumpkin, than to turn it into soup?

150g onion, quartered
2 garlic cloves
20g extra virgin olive oil
2 tsp curry powder
140g quinoa, rinsed thoroughly
1kg pumpkin, peeled, deseeded, diced into 2-3cm cubes
2 tsp Herbamare, or 2 tbsp vegetable stock concentrate
Baby spinach

1. Place onion, garlic and oil in mixer bowl. Chop for 5 seconds/speed 5/MC on. Scrape down sides of bowl. Saute for 5 minutes/steaming temperature/speed 1/MC off.

2. Add curry powder. Saute for 1 minute/steaming temperature/speed 1/MC off.

3. Place quinoa in steaming basket and set in place in the bowl, along with 1.2L of water.

4. Place pumpkin in steaming attachment, using both the main section and the tray. Set in place on top of bowl. Steam for 20 minutes/steaming temperature/speed 4. Remove basket and set aside.

5. To the water in the bowl, add Herbamare and set steaming attachment in place again. Steam 8 minutes/steaming temperature/speed 4.

6. Very carefully, transfer pumpkin into the bowl (do not remove the water before adding pumpkin). Puree for 1 minute/speed 8/MC on, ensuring you turn the speed selector up slowly, as the liquid will be extremely hot.

7. Add quinoa to the contents of the bowl. Stir for 15 seconds/reverse/speed 3/MC on.

8. Fill a thermal server or large bowl with baby spinach. Carefully pour the soup out onto the spinach and use a large spoon or spatula to combine.

Roasting the pumpkin rather than steaming adds another element to this soup.


12 thoughts on “Thermobexta’s Pumpkin and Quinoa Soup

  1. I made this tonight and loved!!! So did my 6 year old!! I asked if he liked and he proceeded to tell me “yes I do mum but maybe you should create your own recipes as this is Becs”!! Haha why do I need to, when I can just come on here for my inspiration!! Another great recipe mate xx


  2. Oh my goodness! Absolutely delicious! I subbed shredded kale for the spinach as that’s what I had on hand and yum! I’m SO FULL!! Thanks for a great soup, the whole family loved it. Will absolutely make it again!


  3. This soup is a favorite of ours – simple, inexpensive ingredients and very hearty. We had it again last night and it doesn’t disappoint, I highly recommend.


  4. I want to make this for the family, including our baby. Is there something we could substitute the curry powder with that can still provide mum and dad with flavour, but still be easy on bubs tummy? Thanks


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