Thermobexta’s Banana Berry Brekkie Smoothies

Brekkie smoothieThis is the perfect recipe for a very quick to make on-the-go breakfast for those busy mornings. It is sweetened only by fruit and can be made with whichever type of milk is your preference, I love it with my home made cashew coconut milk I have also made it with home made almond milk and with cows milk. My kids love all versions and I love that it helps make our mornings run smoother and will keep us full until lunch time.

Makes 2 serves

150g bananas, sliced and frozen
150g blueberries, frozen
30g rolled or steel cut oats (or cashews for grain free)
20g chia
350g milk of your choice

1. Place all ingredients into mixer bowl. Blend for 2 minutes/speed  9/MC on.

– To increase the protein in this smoothie, you can add 2 x raw eggs. You won’t taste them and they will help with satiety, just make sure your eggs are nice and fresh.
– This also works really well pouring into moulds and freezing to make icy poles/popsicles!


4 thoughts on “Thermobexta’s Banana Berry Brekkie Smoothies

  1. Yum! I have made this twice now and its a great healthy breakfast for myself and two little ones. Thank you! I do add a little honey for my kids though


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