Thermobexta: Main Meals Made Easy Pre-sale


The eagerly anticipated release of my first cookbook is officially OPEN FOR PRE-SALE !!

Thermobexta: Main Meals Made Easy is a collection of 22 mouth-watering recipes for you to make in your thermal cooker, using healthy, real food ingredients.

The recipes…

In this unique concept, all recipes in the book are vegetarian and the vast majority also contain clear, easy to follow instructions on how to make them with meat, for those that prefer.

Catering for a wide range of dietary needs, most recipes are dairy, egg, gluten and nut free, or have options on how to make them so.

What you get…

With the brilliant selection of recipes and absolutely stunning photography throughout, this beautiful book represents great value for money at just $22.50 + postage. As an added bonus, you will receive the book in TWO formats:

– A quality printed 48 page custom sized (280mm x 170mm) hard copy – these will be posted from 14 March 2016; and
– An identical eBook – you will receive the link to download this immediately upon purchasing, it will appear in your completed shopping cart when your transaction is approved and also be delivered to you via email, from Send Owl.

For those of you that get in early, I will be signing the first 100 copies purchased.


The books will come packaged in a plastic poly bag and strengthened with a piece of cardboard, as well as carry a Do Not Bend sticker. These measures aim to assist in protecting your purchase from the weather and other problems that can arise with mail delivery. (Bulk orders will be wrapped then packed in an Australia Post pre-paid satchel).

Bulk orders…

Those spending $150 or more can save 15% off their order when entering the code SAVE15 at the checkout!


I ask you to please not share your digital copy of the book with other people. If you have friends or family that are interested in the book, please direct them to my online store. Not only is sharing your purchased copy a breach of copyright, it has taken a great deal of time, love and commitment (and not to mention money) for me to write and self publish this book and as a student and mum, it is my sole form of income.

Thank you for reading this and I hope you love the book as much as my family and I do!

Happy mixing, Bexta’s!

Bec xx


contents release


16 thoughts on “Thermobexta: Main Meals Made Easy Pre-sale

    1. Hi Robyn, I have just done a search for your email address in my PayPal transactions and it hasn’t come up. When your order goes through, you will receive an email from my online store (a receipt) and one from send owl (containing the link to download your eBook). If you have received neither of these and since your email hasn’t come up in my search of PayPal, I’m it won’t have gone through.


  1. I ordered this morning via PayPal on IPad went through n paid for so not sure what l did last night on my Samsung Phone. Checked my bank before l tried again have it in IBooks on IPad . Thanks so much Bec.


  2. I love, love this cookbook. This week I have made, Morrocan chickpea and olive hotpot, Lentil bolgnaise with zoodles, lemon and coconut Dahl, Mushroom strog and the Laska with chicken.
    My freezer is stocked with the leftovers for easy dinners or lunches for work.

    Thanks Bec for such amazing recipes.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve made 3 recipes from this and they were all amazing(and I’m a omnivore!)!! I’ve always wanted to do more Vegitarian meals but it seems too hard….this book makes it easy without feeling like you’re missing the meat component. Can’t wait to make them all!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I absolutely love this book 🙂 I wold love to comment on every single dish as I honestly can’t decide my favourite one. They’re all extremely easy and delicious at the same time. For a mum of 4 with a newborn this recipe book has been my godsend. I love how it has both a vegetarian and meat option and we are usually a meat eating family, but since this book I’ve cooked all the dishes so far without any meat. Thank you so much for bringing out a recipe book of this caliber and I can’t wait for any future books you decide to publish 🙂


    1. Thanks a lot, Shelley. I’m so pleased the book is helping make life a little easier for you with all you are juggling! Volume 2 is underway and should be ready and appropriate for summer xx


  5. Bec, thank you! This is my every night go-to for super tasty dinners. It’s so rare to have a veggie-friendly book, and even better when there are meat versions for my resident carnivores. Everyone’s happy! My favourite is your dhal. I’ve not bothered with a take away curry since. Why would I? It’s one of the best things I’ve ever tasted! I hope you carry on and release more books, you have a real talent and such a lovely personal touch with all your followers!


  6. So impressed with this book. My husband has just converted to vegetarianism and I prefer to cook one meal for the whole family. So far we have tried the tofu with ginger rice and greens, the tomato pasta and the chilli beans and potato- every meal has been delicious and we are not missing meat at all!! Thank you Bec 😀


  7. I made my first recipe from the MMME book last night & wanted to leave a little feedback.
    Firstly I think it would be really helpful to have a Prep Time & Cooking Time indication for each recipe. I made the mushroom stroganoff & I had no idea how long it would take…and it ended up being quite a lengthy time from prep to serving.
    I also think maybe bullet points or different layout would improve the ability to follow the steps. I found myself (even though each step is numbered) having to read and re-read until I found where I was up to each time.
    I also found step 7&8 confusing as I didn’t realise that I had to read ahead to step 8 that the veggies had to be out in the steamer 5mins into step 7. Step 7 read as though you wait for the steaming to be completed.
    Thanks for creating such unique recipes, I look forward to cooking more of them 😊


  8. Hi Bec,
    I love your book and everything I’ve made so far has been delicious. One request for your next book – can you give a time guide at top of recipe so I don’t need to total the times of each step. I’m often time poor so would help to have an easy reference for how long it’s going to take to produce!! Thanks 😄


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