Thermobexta’s Sticky Lime and Coconut Cake

Sticky lime coconut cake
Well this was a throw together after realising I had no food in the house to feed my kids for afternoon tea today. I had a bowl full of limes and started thinking about good combinations. Lime and coconut won and this little beauty was born. I’m going to say it is possibly even better than my Brilliant Blueberry Lemon Loaf and I really love that one.

For the cake…

1 lime, zest and juice
100g coconut sugar
300g Greek yogurt (coconut yogurt for dairy free)
50g butter (coconut oil for dairy free)
2 eggs
150g unbleached white spelt flour
90g desiccated coconut
3 tsp baking powder
For the lime syrup…
75g coconut sugar
1.5-2 limes, juice only (you need 50g lime juice)
1. Preheat oven to 180°C. Line a loaf tin with baking paper.
2. Use a vegetable peeler to remove zest from the lime, then add the strips of zest to mixer bowl, along with the sugar. Blitz for 20 seconds/speed 8/MC on. Scrape down sides of bowl.
3. Add yogurt, butter, eggs and lime juice. Process for 10 seconds/speed 5/MC on.
4. Add flour, coconut, baking powder. Combine for 10 seconds/speed 4/MC on.
5. Pour into prepared tin, bake for 35 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the loaf comes out clean.
6. When the cake is almost cooked, make the lime syrup by placing sugar and lime juice in mixer bowl. Heat for 3 minutes/80/speed 2/MC off.
7. Drizzle lime syrup onto loaf whilst still in the tin, pick up the tin and gently move it to completely coat the surface.
8. Leave to cool for 15 minutes before removing from tin and placing on a wire rack to cool completely.
This cake is divine served warm with a dollop of cream or ice cream, as a pudding!

31 thoughts on “Thermobexta’s Sticky Lime and Coconut Cake

  1. Wow! Absolutely love how simple this loaf is to make and how flavoursome it is.
    I used Greek Vanilla yoghurt to save a trip to the shops and it was perfect!
    The smell will leave you tasting it warm and pudding-like with the added bonus of a cool cake for later on (if it lasts that long!)


  2. This is the first cake I have ever made. I am a bloke. My wife just had a C-section and we needed cake for the kids for snacks. We have had a thermomix for about a month. Thanks for making my first cake so amazing. I appreciate the recipe. Cheers


    1. Michael, your comment brought a big smile to my face. I am so pleased you chose this as your introduction to cake making and that it hit the spot. All the best to you and your family with the new bub 🙂


  3. Wow I just made this cake as I have been given a heap of limes. And it is absolutely devine! I’m normally a chocolate cake person but this tastes amazing. I made them in little loaf tins and just greased and floured the tins. Yum, Yum, Yum, taking these to my P&C meeting this arvo, I’m sure the cake will be a hit!


  4. This cake is delicious! We enjoyed it served with a dollop of Greek yogurt both warm and cold. My son even asked for some in his lunch box for school.


  5. I made this whilst on a diet – omg I’m a strong woman for resisting, especially when all the feedback was glowing – kids and colleagues!


  6. A massive thumbs up from over here in the UK! This cake is so delicious and moist and yum and …..I could go on. It’s like a mojito in a cake (I might stick some rum in the glaze next time!)
    Thank you for another fabulous recipie. Do you ship your book overseas? I would love a hard copy. (I work in a very small team of 8 and 7 of us have a thermomix which is pretty unheard of over here. I have sent them all the link to your blog and we are all now making your wonderful food so thank you so much for your inspired creations!)


    1. Hey Katy, thanks for the glowing review – I love the mojito in a cake reference! Yes I ship the book worldwide – if a few of you from work want the book and would like to order together to save on postage, let me know as I think the shopping cart only allows for shopping overseas for up to two books per order so I will have to manually get a quote for more than this xx


      1. This is brilliant! Thank you. I’ll speak to my colleagues as I am certain they would want a copy. Keep doing what you do, your recipes are amazing!


  7. This is divine! I made it without the icing/glaze and it was still amazing. A strong lime flavour but i love lime and loved the taste.


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