Thermobexta’s Choc Banana Custard

Choc banana custard angleWe all know that custard is something that thermo’s do well. This version gets some fruit into the kids and like all of my recipes, uses no refined sugar. It’s also gluten free.

500g milk of your choice
180g banana (about 2 medium sized bananas), broken into 3-4 pieces each
30-50g maple syrup
40g tapioca starch
10g cacao powder
2 eggs
pinch of salt

1. Place all ingredients in mixer bowl. Cook for 7 minutes/90/speed 4/MC on.

This is a great version for people of any ages Рif making for a young baby, the maple syrup can be omitted so it is simply sweetened by the bananas.

Cacao powder can be omitted for a plain banana custard, if desired.


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