Thermobexta’s Strawberry and Lime Mocktails

Cool, refreshing and a more than a little bit delicious, my Strawberry and Lime Mocktails are perfect to bring the New Year in with! Continue reading Thermobexta’s Strawberry and Lime Mocktails


Thermobexta’s Banana Berry Brekkie Smoothies

Brekkie smoothie

This is the perfect recipe for a very quick to make on-the-go breakfast for those busy mornings. It is sweetened only by fruit and can be made with whichever type of milk is your preference, I love it with my home made cashew coconut milk I have also made it with home made almond milk and with cows milk. My kids love all versions and I love that it helps make our mornings run smoother and will keep us full until lunch time. Continue reading Thermobexta’s Banana Berry Brekkie Smoothies

Thermobexta’s Virgin Blueberry Mojito Slushies

Virgin Blueberry Mojito Slushy

We have been drinking these everyday for a week and I thought it only fair to share – they are refreshing and delicious!  Replace some of the coconut water with white rum to make them alcoholic – this is what I will be doing on Christmas Day 🙂 Continue reading Thermobexta’s Virgin Blueberry Mojito Slushies

Thermobexta’s Cashew Coconut Milk

Featured image

A couple of years ago, I decided I wanted to switch from cows milk to a non-animal derived alternative. After much experimenting with various types of nuts and different ratios of nuts to water, I came to a ratio that is perfect for my family (see note under recipe).  Recently, I tried this ratio with cashews and was super impressed. I had actually made cashew milk many times before, making only enough to use in whatever it was I was creating – usually smoothies, but sometimes custard or bechamel sauce. On this occasion, I added it to my coffee and totally loved it! Soon after, I realised the addition of coconut to cashew milk was even better for adding to warm drinks as it prevents it from splitting, so I have been varying the amounts of each trying to get the perfect mix. Today, I found it 🙂 Continue reading Thermobexta’s Cashew Coconut Milk