Thermobexta’s Whatever Chunky Vegetable Soup

Whatever chunky vegetable soup

Perfect for cold nights, this is a simple meal that will warm you up from the inside! Adaptable according to whatever veggies you have in your fridge, every time you make it will be different, but you can’t really go wrong. Continue reading Thermobexta’s Whatever Chunky Vegetable Soup


Thermobexta’s Fast Blueberry Sauce

Blueberry sauce

This is a sauce I make for my kids when they ask for pancakes or crepes. Made from ingredients that I always have on hand and so quick whip up, it’s a lovely addition and adds a little fruit to their otherwise fairly plain plates. Continue reading Thermobexta’s Fast Blueberry Sauce

Thermobexta’s Banana Berry Brekkie Smoothies

Brekkie smoothie

This is the perfect recipe for a very quick to make on-the-go breakfast for those busy mornings. It is sweetened only by fruit and can be made with whichever type of milk is your preference, I love it with my home made cashew coconut milk I have also made it with home made almond milk and with cows milk. My kids love all versions and I love that it helps make our mornings run smoother and will keep us full until lunch time. Continue reading Thermobexta’s Banana Berry Brekkie Smoothies

Thermobexta’s Apple Pie Rice Pudding

Apple pie rice pudding

Today I have my girls home from school with colds and thought a nice warm rice pudding would be the perfect comfort food treat for their little bellies.  Well, they really loved this one, so I thought I should share the recipe.  Made from staples you will have in your pantry and fruit bowl, this is pretty quick to make and very satisfying. Continue reading Thermobexta’s Apple Pie Rice Pudding

Thermobexta’s Corn and Spinach Pikelets

Corn and Spinach Pikelets

These are a very tasty savoury pikelet.  I always have a batch in my freezer, ready to put into lunch boxes.  Though, normally only half the batch make it to the freezer as my kids absolutely love them!  You can make them without the spinach if your kids are allergic to green. Continue reading Thermobexta’s Corn and Spinach Pikelets

Thermobexta’s Spiced Blueberry & Pear Overnight Oats

spiced berry pear overnight oats

Overnight oats are one of my daughters’ favourite breakfasts.  I love that they take almost no time to prepare the night before and they’re ready to eat as soon as they get up.  There are so many different flavours you can add too, which keeps it interesting.  I make them dairy free – my kids like them best with cashew milk, but you can replace the cashews with coconut or other nuts (I strain after blitzing and before adding the oats, etc, if using other nuts, as they produce more pulp and affect the texture) or if you want to use cows milk just replace the weight of the cashews + water in this recipe with cows milk. Continue reading Thermobexta’s Spiced Blueberry & Pear Overnight Oats