Thermobexta’s Sesame Bites


These delicious little energy dense morsels are similar to the chewy sesame bars you can buy from the supermarket, only with more goodness and no nasties. They’re something I loved as a kid and I have been wanting to try my hand at making for ages. I’m so happy with how they turned out and I hope you love them too! Continue reading Thermobexta’s Sesame Bites


Thermobexta’s Spinach and Three Cheese Rolls

spinach and three cheese rolls
Spinach and cheese are the perfect pair. Add pastry and you can’t really go wrong! This recipe is so quick to make and can be frozen prior to cooking, making it perfect to prep in advance for a party or barbecue, an easy lunch, dinner or snack for the kids. These rolls are great for lunch boxes (the pastry will soften upon cooling but my kids don’t care!)

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Thermobexta’s Anzac Slice

Anzac squares

My go-to recipe for Anzac bickies for the past few years has been one on the TOM Organics website. It was easy to make, used a selection of ingredients I always have on hand and the bickies were just perfect. I went to make them last week and was sad to find the recipe was no longer there! So of course that meant I needed to try my hand at coming up with something Anzac-ish, Thermobexta-style. Continue reading Thermobexta’s Anzac Slice

Thermobexta’s Sticky Lime and Coconut Cake

Sticky lime coconut cake
Well this was a throw together after realising I had no food in the house to feed my kids for afternoon tea today. I had a bowl full of limes and started thinking about good combinations. Lime and coconut won and this little beauty was born. I’m going to say it is possibly even better than my Brilliant Blueberry Lemon Loaf and I really love that one.

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Thermobexta’s Smashed Eggs

curried egg and salad
This is a very simple idea that works well with any mix of veg you have on hand. I use it as the filling for wraps with some shredded lettuce, or sometimes skip the wrap and stuff it in a cos lettuce leaf and my kids sometimes have it in sandwiches. When I was talking to my sister about it the other day, she asked if it would work as a dip, which is a great idea that I hadn’t thought of – perfect for lunch boxes! Continue reading Thermobexta’s Smashed Eggs

Thermobexta’s Banana Berry Brekkie Smoothies

Brekkie smoothie

This is the perfect recipe for a very quick to make on-the-go breakfast for those busy mornings. It is sweetened only by fruit and can be made with whichever type of milk is your preference, I love it with my home made cashew coconut milk I have also made it with home made almond milk and with cows milk. My kids love all versions and I love that it helps make our mornings run smoother and will keep us full until lunch time. Continue reading Thermobexta’s Banana Berry Brekkie Smoothies

Thermobexta’s Best Ever Potato Wedges


These are a really delicious side dish that you can whip up in mere minutes then cook in the oven while you prepare a couple of salads to go with them to make a meal. Or simply serve them with sour cream and chilli sauce for a treat! Continue reading Thermobexta’s Best Ever Potato Wedges